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Woohoo meet ya there.
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Our 2 newborn puppies’s eyes are open now:) #JapaneseSpitz #少女と少年 #puppies #dog

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I be creepin’ *winks*

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Do I look cool enough? Huh? Huh? :”3 

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Excuse my boredom/vainity. -n-“

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Ugh. I can’t get over this story from Wattpad. “My Wattpad Love” by Cold_lady19. I swear. Heartbreaking, maybe some rated stuffs but yeah, its funny, cute! :”> Jules, Evan, Shane, everything♥ Its like I can read this over & over again. Aha. 


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©AraS :)
Nahhh. ‘Cause I see this “less than three” everywhere lately.
#Ilessthanthreeyou haha

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Teehee. Just trying. :)

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Hello. :) Aug052013

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Baha. Flood. Woohoo (☆^O^☆) haha #ootd #lmao

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Sa pagkabalo namo sa balita habang naga training.. dli jud mapugngan na dli mkafeel ug weakness. Lalo na yung nagpray lahat ng students na nasa school knina.. After 11 years na classmate, lisud jud dawaton. This photo..when we visited him right after winning intrams for him. Parang kelan lang. Until now, di mi kadawat na wala na ka. Kabalo me di na nimo kaya. Di me kabalo how to act kay first time ni nangyari sa amo na classmate na for how many years ang mawala sa among life… Pero we know na you’re in a much better place na, watching over us. God is with you. Rest in peace Cyril. Thank you sa tnan jokes, pagpakatawa, advice, chika chika, time spent. We love you. 032514..

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OMG! Can you imagine? Naabutan ko ba si Abra sa Gmall! So gwapo. Hahaha \(*T▽T*)/ 4pm. Dream come trueeee myghaaad. After a day of long walk from school to Abreeza… parang somehow.. a reward or smthg? Haha labyuuu. Sorry (´・ω・`) #Abra #gmall #gwapo #rapper #torque

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